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Minecraft game – “Cops & Robbers” in Piraeus was successfully completed


The BeSecure-FeelSecure (BSFS) project ran a Minecraft contest in Piraeus where more than 250 players participated in an upgraded version of gaming.

The Municipality of Piraeus in collaboration with its partner Space Hellas developed a city replica of Piraeus in the famous Minecraft videogame and organized a cyber-physical version of “Cops and Robbers”.

Promoting both digital transformation and security in Piraeus, the BSFS project implemented an innovative digital action, where the alpha version of “CURiM” “(Collaborative Urban Risk Management) mobile app was simulated for the first time.

The innovation of this action lies in the fact that the game was conducted in parallel both in the physical and digital environment!

The aim of this digital action was to simulate the alpha version of CURiM application – developed under the BSFS project – and to raise awareness among young people about crime prevention, while strengthening collective responsibility through the use of technology.

Minecraft© – “Cops and robbers” in Piraeus – A short description of the game:


The game scenario involved both humans and game avatars. In the real world, the players participated in the game using the CURiM app. Minecraft players tried to find stolen objects bearing anti-theft BLE sensors and inform the owners. One citizen played the “robber” and roamed in the streets of Piraeus. The “robber’s” position was transferred in the Minecraft city map via the CURiM application, whereas the rest of the Minecraft players had to find him and hunt him down.

More specifically, every time the stolen object came close to the real world with a mobile device that had the CURiM application, a beam of light was built into the digital world, at the corresponding point, which was visible in the sky of Minecraft. So, following these beams of light, Minecraft players finally located the stolen object.

All players won a data blocker privacy kit as a symbolic participation present, while 10 Mi smart band 6 and 1 Xbox Microsoft Console were drawn.

Because of high participation, two runs of the game were conducted and the winner of each game was awarded with an Xbox Microsoft Console.

The winners received their prizes during a small event in the city’s Town Hall from the Deputy Mayor of Municipal Police and chairwoman of the Local Council for Crime Prevention, Mrs. Kyriaki Bourdakou.  The Deputy Mayor met our little friends and congratulated them during a small ceremony.

The Mayor of Piraeus Ioannis Moralis stated:

Tower MC Daylight

“We are very happy for the implementation of this pioneering digital action and for the great participation and positive response received.

Our Municipality undertook a difficult yet innovative challenge. For the first time, the city maps were simulated on the famous Minecraft gaming platform, and a game for youngsters was conducted within the digital  city of Piraeus.

The digital transformation at all levels is a priority for our Municipality, especially when combined with forms of youngsters’ entertainment. It is therefore our choice to utilize technology in order to proceed with a series of initiatives for the advancement of digital development in our city. “

The Deputy Mayor of Communication – Promotion and Media with responsibilities on the Utilization of European and National Resources, Mrs. Adriana Zarakeli, in her statement, mentioned:

“Since September 2019, the Municipality of Piraeus has undertaken the implementation of specific innovative interventions through the European project BeSecure-FeelSecure (BSFS), in order to improve urban security. Technology is helping us in this endeavor.

So, for us, it is a great joy and satisfaction when we implement innovative actions that include modern and contemporary ways of approaching citizens, especially when it comes to younger ages.

The fact that our city now has a footprint in one of the most famous video games and that the game was played in parallel both in the real and digital world, highlights the effort made by the Municipality for digital progress and innovation.

This upgrade comes at a particularly favorable time, as the digital transformation is one of the central pillars of the European Union’s agenda. Thus, by utilizing the resources offered by European funding, we multiply digital initiatives and advance digital progress.

Trust in a modern city is built when it meets the daily needs of its citizens, creates the right prospects and promotes a sense of security.”

The Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Police and chairwoman of the Local Council for Crime Prevention of Piraeus, Mrs. Kyriaki Bourdakou, mentioned among others:

aponomi doron

“The Municipality of Piraeus innovates within the framework of the European project BeSecure-FeelSecure (BSFS), by conducting a digital-physical version of the Minecraft game. Αn online game of “Cops & Robbers” for young people was held with great success.

We are very proud to once again be at the forefront of harnessing the potential of the BSFS program.

We will continue our efforts to make Piraeus a safe as well as a smart city, by putting digital transformation into practice.”

The Minecraft game in Piraeus was carried out with the support of Europe Direct Piraeus.

Credits at the communication sponsor of BSFS, the local media Kanali Ena 90,4 FM

The gift-giving event took place in line with Covid-19 dispersion measures.

For more information on the event click on the link:

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