Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) - Enhancing community trust & well-being in Piraeus


Three layers of implementation : Governance, Cyber & Socio-Spatial

In the Governance layer, a Local Council for Crime Prevention (LCCP) will be established in the municipality of Piraeus, in order to promote collaborative decision making between the main urban stakeholders. LCCP will be comprised by representatives of the urban authority, police, criminology (scientific) experts and cyber-security (technical) experts.

These decision makers will be supported by the Cyber layer of the project, with the implementation of an Evidence-based Collaborative Urban Risk Management (CURiM) ICT platform. CURiM enables synergies among local stakeholders towards identifying, modeling, evaluation, forecasting and prevention of cyber/physical security threats. 

The output of the collaboration between LCCP and CURiM will be the definition and implementation of specific Social & Spatial actions, following the approach of modern CPTED “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design”. These actions will be associated, inter alia, to the delivery of urban security awareness sessions to key citizen groups, beautification of selected abandoned or vandalized public property and victimization support.  


Playground enhancements

By restoring 8 playgrounds in the 5th Municipal District of Piraeus, BSFS addresses the need for increased actual and perceived security. Intervention solutions in playgrounds include safer facilities, brighter lightning and natural fencing.

Local Council for Crime Prevention (LCCP)

The LCCP was established in Piraeus, in the context of the BSFS project, in order to promote collaborative decision making between the main urban stakeholders. The Council operates at local level and aspires to coordinate and implement actions to prevent petty crime. The LCCP is comprised by representatives of the urban authority, members of the local police department and municipal police, Piraeus Coastguard, and scientific experts. Those decision makers will be supported by the CURiM platform.

Victim Information Unit

Established in 2021, the Unit provides support to victims of any type of crime. The services include psychosocial support, legal counseling as well as the necessary referrals to relevant institutional and social bodies. The Unit’s operation is expected to enhance the citizens’ feeling of safety and their trust in social institutions.

Evidence-based Collaborative Urban Risk Management (CURiM) platform

CURiM is a digital platform that collects and enables the assessment of physical and cyber threats. Local urban security stakeholders will use the generated information towards decision-making for the prevention of crime and delinquency.

Lockup & beautification of abandoned/ vandalized buildings

Abandoned properties are potential hubs for crime, illegal drug activity and can pose risks of fire and healthcare. BSFS will secure and improve the image of several suchlike buildings to boost the safety in the area. Well-maintained and clean neighborhoods can discourage littering and other antisocial behavior and contribute to the overall well-being of the city residents, sustainability of the environment, increased property values and attracting new businesses.

Purchase of new mobile policing equipment

The Hellenic Police has purchased advanced surveillance vehicles in order to increase the effectiveness and response capacity of its operational units and specifically of the Police Directorate of Piraeus. 4 cars and 2 motorcycles equipped with a detailed log will patrol in the most “problematic” areas that have criminal history and high levels of criminality, in the municipality of Piraeus.

Students' awareness sessions

Bullying and cyber-threats are critical issues that need to be tackled. Under the BSFS project, a team of experts has already conducted several information sessions to local high school students. The idea is to offer young people a safe habitat to socialize, prosper, grow and become the future citizens who value unity and collective responsibility.

Local business training sessions

The effort has engaged more than 100 local businesses. Information sessions provide important guidelines about market protection and safety issues to local businesses.

The BSFS Solution

The BSFS Solution will deliver a governance framework and a collaborative urban security management platform in order to improve both the urban security landscape of Piraeus and increase its citizens’ perception of safety. Upon their evaluation, the project results will comprise a set of best practices, able to fit beyond the local boundaries, so that they can be adoptable by other Greek and European cities.

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