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Press Release – Final Event | BeSecure-FeelSecure shares the successful results of a Holistic Approach to Urban Security in the City of Piraeus

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Piraeus, Greece – March 7, 2023 | The European Project BeSecure-FeelSecure (BSFS) of the Municipality of Piraeus held its final event at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus. After three and a half years of implementation, BSFS presented the successful results for its holistic approach to urban security.

The event brought together local authorities, police representatives, security experts, social and institutional bodies, academics, IT experts from the private sector, and other city stakeholders. Through speeches and discussions, the speakers highlighted the project’s innovations and lessons learned, aiming to promote the debate on urban security and the adoption of best practices for the security of public spaces both at the national and European level.

Representatives of the respective Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) European Projects, SURE from the city of Tampere (Finland) and ToNite from the city of Turin (Italy) as well as representatives of international organizations – such as Europe Direct Piraeus, Victim Support Europe and others – provided additional perspectives and insights into the challenges and opportunities of urban security.

The event closed with the presentation of graffiti that the students of the 13th high school of Piraeus chose to be created in the courtyard of their school. A great example of encouraging citizen participation in decision-making for public spaces.

With the successful implementation of BeSecure–FeelSecure (BSFS), the Municipality of Piraeus hopes to inspire other cities to adopt its innovative approaches to urban security.

The presentation and moderation of the event was undertaken by the editor-in-chief of the security magazine Security Manager, Mr. Vlasis Amanatidis, while the BSFS Urban Innovative Expert on security in public spaces, Dr. Edna Pezard-Ramirez, moderated the second discussion panel.

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The Mayor of Piraeus Mr. Yiannis Moralis, in his statement, emphasized:

“The “Be Secure – Feel Secure” program, which is focused on enhancing urban security in Piraeus, has successfully concluded today. The program has yielded significant material outcomes, including the complete renovation of eight playgrounds, the beautification of five school buildings in the 5th Municipal Community, the procurement of four patrol cars and two motorcycles for the Piraeus Police Department, and the establishment and operation of the Local Council for Crime Prevention and the Crime Victims Information Unit. As a modern European program, it underscores our city’s commitment to addressing urban security issues, particularly given Piraeus’ status as a port city. I would like to express my appreciation to all stakeholders involved in this effort, including Panteio University, the University of Piraeus, the Ministry of Citizen Protection, and private technology companies. This comprehensive program has generated positive results for our city, and we look forward to presenting proposals for similar initiatives and securing resources for Piraeus”.


The Deputy Mayor of Public Health and Social Services, President of the Local Council for Prevention Crime Ms. Kyriaki Bourdakou, in her statement, pointed out:

“I must confess that I am deeply moved today, because I really loved this program. It provided me with a unique opportunity to represent the Municipality in various European fora, frequently before international audiences, to showcase our security initiatives and to establish connections with corresponding entities from other European cities.

This program is, in my opinion, one of the most significant European initiatives implemented by the Municipality of Piraeus, and I believe it will have a lasting impact and leave a legacy for future generations”.


The Deputy Mayor of Architecture and Urban Planning Mr. Dimitris Arapis, in his statement, underlined:

“As the Directorate and the political head of the Architecture and Urban Planning Directorate, we are pleased to have participated in the Be Secure – Feel Secure program and we are happy that we are currently in the BSFS closing event.

We know that safety is a priority especially in public and open spaces.

Our efforts focused on enhancing the safety of eight playgrounds located in the densely populated 5th Municipal Community. We replaced worn-out flooring and maintained toys and instruments to make these areas safer for children and parents. Additionally, we beautified schools in the area to improve their image. 

We are proud to have received positive feedback on our interventions and remain committed to identifying new opportunities for improving the safety and aesthetics of public spaces through participation in European programs”.


The IT Director of the Municipality of Piraeus and Head of the BSFS Project Manager, Mr. Michael Bourmpos, in his statement, said:

“An important and multi-layered Security Project has been successfully completed. The project entailed a multi-faceted approach that connected three fundamental pillars: Governance, Spatial-Social Interventions and ICT Tools. We extend our sincere appreciation to the Directorates of the Municipality of Piraeus for their invaluable cooperation and everyone that was involved to the program’s implementation and dissemination efforts”.


The Director of the Laboratory of Urban Criminology of Panteion University and BSFS Scientific Coordinator, Prof. Christina Zarafonitou said:

“We are pleased to complete a cycle of an important and grandiose program like BeSecure-FeelSecure which has been a significant and ambitious initiative. We extend our gratitude to Mayor Yiannis Moralis, the Municipality of Piraeus and all our institutional and social partners who have made substantial contributions to the program’s achievements.

We hope that the outcomes achieved during the three and a half years of the program will be sustainable, and that the Local Council for Crime Prevention (LCCP) and the Crime Victims Information Unit will continue to operate effectively. We also aim to maintain the network that has been established between the bodies of the Municipality of Piraeus, as it can contribute to improving the quality of life for the citizens. Ultimately, we aspire to have the BeSecure-FeelSecure program serve as a model for implementation in other municipalities throughout the country.”


The BSFS Technical Manager from Space Hellas Mr. Marios Zacharias, in his statement, noted:

“It’s a big day for us, we have many and important results to show in terms of the urban planning part with the help of technology. We hope that the CURiM Collaborative Urban Risk Management Platform developed under the program will continue to support the work of the Municipal Authority in the prevention of delinquency and the management of risks and threats in public spaces.”

“Today’s Closure Event of the BSFS project marks a significant milestone for us. We are proud to present the noteworthy results achieved in urban planning with the help of technology. We are confident that the Collaborative Urban Risk Management (CURiM) Platform – developed under the program –  will continue to provide invaluable support to the Municipal Authority in their efforts to prevent delinquency and manage risks and threats in public spaces.”

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