Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) - Enhancing community trust & well-being in Piraeus

Web Conference | “Local level victim support services – a pillar of a holistic approach to urban security”

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29 September 2022 | Efus organized the 4rth of a series of web conferences on the topic: “Local level victim support services – a pillar of a holistic approach to urban security”.

During the event we had the chance to share he experience and practices of the Be Secure Feel Secure (BSFS) project with victims’ support were presented and to have a peer exchange.

Dr. Hara Vlastari-Dyovouniotou and Dr. Charalambos Karagiannidis from the Laboratory of Urban Criminology of Panteion University presented and analyzed the services of the Crime Victims Information Unit of the Municipality of Piraeus in their presentation on the topic: “Generic Victim Support Services : the case of Piraeus Crime Victims “Information Unit”.

Besides the BSFS Crime Victims Information Unit & one-stop-shop service of Piraeus, the participants learned about the House for Victims (Maison pour l’Accueil des Victimes) of the City of Nice (France) from the Deputy Mayor Mrs. M. Quaknine and about general victim support principles from the Director Of Victim Support Europe Mr. L. Altan.

key takeaways:

  • The importance of harmonizing crime victim support structures with the standards set by the relevant European Directive of 2012
  • The support and protection of victims of crime
  • The need to create a personalized support plan for each victim according to their needs.
  • The need of stable and targeted support of the victims in the direction of developing their resilience
  • The empathic understanding with which the victims and their environment need to be surrounded
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