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The Stone Clock in Passalimani was illuminated in orange color in a symbolic social action against domestic violence

Οn the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Municipality of Piraeus with the support of the BeSecure – FeelSecure (BSFS) project, participated in the national act of the Ministry of Citizen Protection with the slogan “You have a voice”. The illumination in orange color of a significant landmark of the city, the Stone Clock in Passalimani, was the chosen symbolic social action conducted.

In the context of this symbolic action, BSFS project representatives conducted an information event at the evening of the 25th of November 2020, where citizens of Piraeus and elected representatives of the Municipality were informed about the project’s goals and objectives and especially the BSFS interventions related to crime prevention and victims’ support.

Τhe beginning of the event was marked by the message “You are not Alone”. With this initiative, women Municipal Councilors of the Municipality of Piraeus from all political parties, stand united against all forms of violence and send their own message of support to all women.

The event was also attended by elected representatives of the Municipality of Piraeus that are associated with the scope of the BSFS project, such as the president of the Local Council for Crime Prevention of Piraeus and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Police, the Deputy Mayor of Communication-Promotion and Media, the president of the Municipal Equality Committee etc. who gave on camera statements for the topic.  

In addition, the Piraeus Mayor Yiannis Moralis and the BSFS scientific responsible Prof. Zarafonitou provided written statements.  

Earlier in the morning of the event, the president of the LCCP of Piraeus, Mrs. Bourdakou and the BSFS scientific responsible, prof Zarafonitou, were hosted at the radio show “Propantos Psychraimia” of local media “Kanali Ena 90.4 FM” and talked about the domestic violence, the role of LCCP in crime prevention and the project’s goals towards improving the feeling of safety of the Piraeu’s citizens.

During the 3-hour long event, apart the promotional material that was handed, the attendees were informed about the role of the Local Council for Crime Prevention (LCCP) and the upcoming social interventions while emphasis was given to the establishment of the Victim Information Unit.

With this symbolic social action, the BSFS project sent a strong social awareness message that the time has come to take action on crime prevention and to fight against all types of violence. This event also aimed at encouraging the members of the society and victims of such violence to search out for support and fight against fear.

The event was in the spotlight for a few days and was disseminated by the local and national press.

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