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Minecraft© – “Cops and robbers” in Piraeus in real and digital world

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The big Minecraft Contest / Game in Piraeus was successfully completed on Sunday, December 5th, 2021 – A digital action to promote security with the help of technology

The Municipality of Piraeus developed a city replica in the famous Minecraft videogame and in cooperation with Space Hellas they organized a cyber-physical version of “cops and robbers”, a game that took place simultaneously in real and digital environment!

Promoting both digital transformation and security in Piraeus, the BSFS project implemented an innovative digital action, where the alpha version of “CURiM” “(Collaborative Urban Risk Management) mobile app was simulated for the first time.

Minecraft© – “Cops and robbers” in Piraeus

The game scenario involved both humans and game avatars. In the game, one citizen played the “robber” and roamed in the streets of Piraeus. The “robber’s” position was transferred in real time – via the CURiM application – to the digital world of Minecraft, which was a copy of Piraeus city. The digital gamers tried to locate him on the streets of Minecraft, taking real-world data.

More specifically:

In the real world, the players participated in the game using the CURiM app – the application that has been developed in the context of BSFS project -. Every time the stolen object came close to the real world with a mobile device that had the CURiM application, a beam of light was built into the digital world, which was visible in the Minecraft sky.

In the digital world, the Minecraft players followed these beams of light in order to find the stolen object (which was bearing an anti-theft BLE sensor) and finally locate the “robber”.

The aim of this digital action was to first simulate the alpha version of the CURiM application – developed under the BSFS project – and to raise awareness among young people about issues related to crime prevention and strengthening collective responsibility through the use of technology and video gaming.

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