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CURiM Training to the Local Council for Crime Prevention (LCCP) members

2022 07 25 19

July 25, 2022 | A hybrid session for the first CURiM training workshop to the members of the Local Council for Crime Prevention (LCCP) was held at the offices of the IT Directorate of the Municipality of Piraeus.

The BSFS Technical Manager from Space Hellas, Mr. Marios Zacharias, presented the CURiM platform and its tools.

The meeting was very fruitful in terms of information and feedback exchange.

As a next step, the LCCP members will go through the CURiM training video and the training manual to be get more familiar with the tools, so that the operational use of CURiM is gradually rolled out.

CURiM took its spot in the newly formed Piraeus Operations Center!

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BSFS sharing | City of Gyöngyös, Hungary

10 October 2022 | The good and innovative practices of the BeSecure-FeelSecure (BSFS) project were presented to the Mayor Mr. György Hiesz and the key

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