Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) - Enhancing community trust & well-being in Piraeus

CURiM Tool | Interview with the BSFS technical Manager, Mr. Marios Zacharias

The BSFS technical manager Mr. Marios Zacharias from Space Hellas and Ms. Eszter Karacsony from European Forum for Urban Security – Efus on a discussion about the Collaborative Urban Risk Management ( CURiM ) tool surrounded by the historic public figures of Piraeus in the Municipal Board Room!

The mini interview is about the innovations that CURiM brings in the urban security landscape, fostering citizens’ engagement and leveraging heterogeneous information to provide insights about actual and perceived security.

Mr. Zacharias also presented the CURiM solution during the 3rd web-conference in a series of 4 organized by Efus “How can digital tools make cities safer and enhance social cohesion?”.

Learn more about CURiM in the interview with Marios Zacharias:

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