Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) - Enhancing community trust & well-being in Piraeus

BSFS participation at PACTESUR ‘s final conference – Brussels, November 23-24

November 23-24, 2022 | The Deputy Mayor of Public Health & Social Services and Chairwoman of the Local Council for Crime Prevention Ms. Kyriaki G. Bourdakou and the Deputy Mayor of Architecture and Urban Planning Mr. Dimitris Arapis represented the city of Piraeus and the Be Secure Feel Secure (BSFS) project in the “Inclusive and Safer Public Spaces” conference organized within the EU-funded projects PACTESUR & Secu4All in partnership with Safe Βrussels

The Deputy Mayors co-signed a declaration of local and regional authorities which underlines:

🔸the necessity of risk & Vulnerability Assessments to promote preventive approaches & design tailored and targeted solutions

🔸 combination of short & long term solutions adaptable to evolving situations

🔸 development of a prevention culture to strengthen citizen participation in the decision-making process

🔸 involvement of competent local services to make Public Spaces safer

During the second day of the conference the “Join the fam” program was presented: a campaign to raise awareness of victims of gender-based harassment in public life and the use of sexist language.

Also, on the side of the conference, the prospect of further cooperation between the Municipality of Piraeus and the European member cities of European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) regarding social cohesion matters was discussed.

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