Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) - Enhancing community trust & well-being in Piraeus

The BSFS at “Imeres Thalassas”

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The 3rd BSFS open information day was conducted on the 5th & 6th of June 2021, in the framework of “Sea Days” ( of the Municipality of Piraeus.

The two-day event was conducted at the Passalimani area at the city center, which is one of the pilot areas of the project (2nd municipal district). More precisely, the event took place during the “1st recycling festival” in the morning hours (10:00-14:00) at Kanari Square and during the “Flowers festival” at Alexandras square in the evening (17:30-22:00).


The contribution of Municipal Police representatives at the morning event was significant since they informed the public extensively about the Local Council for Crime Prevention (LCCP) and the role of the Municipal Police in preventing crime.

The BSFS booths attracted a large number of visitors, where BSFS brochures and promotional gifts were handed, enabling the partners to open a direct dialogue with the visitors.

Specifically, more than 1500 citizens and visitors of Piraeus were reached and informed directly about the project and its goals. People of Piraeus welcomed the BSFS initiative and had the chance to learn more about the project’s targeted actions that will benefit the citizens directly:

The event was attended by the Mayor of Piraeus Mr. Ioannis Moralis, the LCCP president & Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Police, Mrs. Kyriaki Bourdakou, the Deputy Mayor of Communication – Promotion & Media, Mrs. Andriana Zarakeli and several Deputy Mayors that are associated with the project’s scope.

The Mayor of Piraeus stated at the national media Antenna TV that BeSecure-FeelSecure is a project dedicated to reinforce urban security and safety at Piraeus’ neighborhoods. The Mayor stressed out, among others, that the enhancement of eight playgrounds and the continuous awareness sessions to various local groups, that already have been planned to be implemented in the framework of the BSFS project, are among the primary goals of the project.     

The Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Ioannis Moralis talks about the BSFS project

The event was also a great opportunity for community empowerment and open dialogue. People of Piraeus expressed a great interest about the project and mostly regarding the CURiM app and the public spaces enhancements. They welcomed the BSFS initiative and they pointed out the municipality’s effort to be modernized and to the creation of a collaboration network between local bodies and citizens.

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