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Workshop | “Participatory forms of crime prevention policies at the local level: Safety and liberty”

22 June, 2022 | A workshop on “Participatory forms of crime prevention policies at the local level: Safety and liberty” was organised in the city of Piraeus and implemented by the Laboratory of Urban Criminology of Panteion University in the emblematic building of Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The workshop’s aim was to inform and sensitize regarding participatory crime prevention policies in the urban context and the way such policies are being implemented in the framework of the BeSecure-FeelSecure (BSFS) Project.

The workshop highlighted the need to utilize in a substantial way the institutions and the measures of participatory crime prevention policies, to enhance partnerships as well as the need for the citizens’ active and coordinated participation in the co-production of urban safety.

The event started with the greetings of:

  • Yiannis Moralis, Mayor of Piraeus (via the Deputy Mayor of Municipal Police Tasos Markarian)
  • Eleftherios Oiconomou, Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection
  • Konstantinos Katsafados, Deputy Minister of Maritime Affairs
  • Angeliki Kofa, President of Appeals, Head of the Court of Appeal of Piraeus
  • Gerasimos Prodromitis, Professor of the Department of Psychology, Vice President of Special Depatement for Research Funds (ELKE)Panteion University
  • Theodoros Kapralos, President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce
  • Vassilis Korkidis, President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The introductory speech on “Social and Environmental Interventions for Crime Prevention, Security and Freedom of citizens: The case of the BeSecure-FeelSecure (BSFS) project of the Municipality of Piraeus” was given by the Head of the Laboratory of Urban Criminology of Panteion University and BSFS Scientific Coordinator, Criminology Professor Christina Zarafonitou.

The main findings of the diagnostic Victimization and Safety research implemented in the 2nd and 5th municipal districts of Piraeus was followed and were presented by the Associate Professor Mr. Angelos Mimis and Dr. Dimitrios Kalamaras. Αs well as with the participation of Ms. Maria Karaklioumi, Statistical – Political Analyst, on behalf of RASS which carried out the research.

1st Round Table Topic: “The Institution of Local Councils for Crime Prevention (LCCPs)”

The discussion was moderated by the Emeritus Professor of Criminology of Panteion University and President of Moschato LCCP Mr. Iakovos Farsedakis, while the speakers were the Lecturer of Criminology of the European University of Cyprus, vice-president of Moschato LCCP and ombudsman Mr. George Chloupis, the Mayor of Pagagou-Cholargos Mr. Ilias Apostolopoulos, the Deputy Mayor & chairwoman of LCCP Piraeus Mrs. Kyriaki Bourdakou, the President of LCCP Metamorfosi Mr. Vassilis Korkolis and the BSFS technical manager of Mr. Marios Zacharias. The high-level presentations and speeches were followed by a constructive discussion on the role of Local Councils to the promotion of urban security and safety.

In parallel, the panel highlighted the importance of informing and raising awareness to the local communities as well as on the significance of networking and active involvement of citizens in the LCCPs actions and interventions.

2nd Round Table Topic: “The Role of the Police in Crime Prevention”

The discussion was coordinated by the Emeritus Professor of Criminology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Mr. Yiannis Panousis, while the speakers were the Director of the General Police Directorate of the Hellenic Police Headquarters. Mr. Christos Manouras, the Police Director of the Cyber Crime Division of the Hellenic Police Mr. Vassilios Papakostas, the Police Officer of the Department for Domestic Violence of the Hellenic Police Headquarters Mrs. Maria-Sofia Kyriakou and the Police Officer of Piraeus Police Directorate Ms. Danai-Georgia Kapatou.

A fruitful dialogue was followed highlighting on one hand the timeless and indisputable role of the Police in the field of participatory anti-crime policy and on the other hand the need for effective information and public awareness.

3rd Round Table Topic: “Victims Support”

The discussion was coordinated by Mr. Nikolaos Poimenidis, Prosecutor of Appeals, while the speakers were: Angeliki Kouzoumi, Director of the Society for the Protection of Minors of Piraeus, Socrates Tsantiris, Special Medical Examiner, Vassilis Taxopoulos Sociologist – Criminologist, Counseling Center of Salamina, George Kollias, Social Worker, Counseling Center Piraeus – K.E.TH.I. and Melpomeni Anysiadou, Lawyer, Crime Victims Information Unit of Piraeus.

The importance of early detection of abuse and intervention – especially in the case of a minor victim – and the approach of the victim in order to avoid secondary victimization was highlighted. Also, the participants focused on the need for strong synergies between institutional and social bodies for a holistic and effective support to direct and indirect victims.

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