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Enhancing Regional Safety, Sustainability, and Security: Be Secure Feel Secure’s Impact at IoT Day Event

2023 06 27 (5)

April, 9, 2023 | Regional Safety, Sustainability, and Security in Focus: Insights from IoT Day Event

The importance of prioritizing people and taking a regional perspective when addressing the challenges of safety, sustainability, and security within complex urban ecosystems was underscored during the IoT Day event held on April 9, 2023. This event aimed to shift the traditional focus on technology-driven solutions for Smart Cities to a more holistic approach that considers the cultural, regulatory, economic, political, and environmental factors at play.

2023 06 27 (1)

One of the key participants at the event was the BSFS Technical Manager, Mr. Marios Zacharias, who showcased the collaborative efforts of the Be Secure Feel Secure (BSFS) European project and presented the innovative Collaborative Urban Risk Management platform (CURiM) developed under the project.

During the panel discussion, Mr. Zacharias emphasized the need to view cities as part of broader regional ecosystems. By considering the flow of energy, ideas, goods, and people throughout a region, it becomes possible to develop more effective strategies for safety, sustainability, and security.

Mr. Zacharias’s presentation of the CURiM platform demonstrated the power of collaboration and technology in addressing urban risks. By integrating information from multiple stakeholders, including government agencies, emergency services, communities, and the private sector, CURiM enables real-time monitoring, early warning systems, and efficient resource allocation during emergencies or critical situations.

The event brought together experts from various fields, including Dave Bartlett, Chief Technology Officer, Rob Tiffany, a prominent voice in IoT and Digital Twins, Shyam Varan Nath, an expert in Cloud, IoT, and Digital Twins, and Sotiris Karagiannis, Chief Innovation Officer. These panelists shared their insights and experiences, providing fascinating and insightful stories about the impact of their work in the areas of safety, sustainability, and security.

The discussion focused on the interplay between these three domains and explored how advancements in one area can be leveraged to enhance the others. The panelists showcased real-world examples and highlighted the importance of utilizing advanced analytics, machine learning, and IoT data to create positive change while considering the regional context.

The IoT Day event served as a platform to stimulate dialogue, encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations, and promote a people-centric approach to addressing the challenges of regional safety, sustainability, and security. By considering the insights shared by experts like Mr. Marios Zacharias, participants gained a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics involved and how technology can be harnessed for the greater good.

In conclusion, the IoT Day event held on April 9, 2023, shed light on the importance of adopting a regional perspective and focusing on people when addressing the critical issues of safety, sustainability, and security.

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