Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) - Enhancing community trust & well-being in Piraeus

The BSFS as a technological example of innovation at the Thessaloniki International Fair 

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September 11-19, 2021 | The Be Secure Feel Secure (BSFS) project participated in the largest International Fair of the country and was presented as a technological example of innovation at the exhibition of innovation and digital technology “Beyond 4.0” at the International Exhibition & Conference Center in Thessaloniki.


The BSFS project partner Space Hellas, cooperated with Web-IQ on the evidence-based “Collaborative Urban Risk Management CURiM” platform for the collection and analysis of crime-related data. For the first time, the Municipality of Piraeus utilizes open source intelligence tools for monitoring, assessing and forecasting urban threats in order to improve urban security in the city of Piraeus.

The 85th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) hosted 87.631 international visitors, 110 speakers and 19 thematic sessions.

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