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2nd Sport Event


Promotion of security & safety with the use of CURiM app!

CURiM is a digital platform that collects physical and cyber threats and enables their assessment. Local urban security stakeholders will use the generated information towards decision-making for the prevention of crime and delinquency.

In view of the employment of the mobile version of CURiM on urban security and its corresponding features, preparatory activities (sessions, interviews, conferences, workshops, info days etc.) were planned and took place for the mobilization of end-users.

To this aim, the consortium identified target groups for utilizing and evaluating the CURiM mobile application along with its modules (e.g crime evaluation, anti-theft BLE tracking, chat) in order to recognize types of crimes, assess their appearance and share their perception on crimes occurring in specific Municipal Districts and urban sub-areas of Piraeus.

Such groups that can be involved in the pilot operations as CURiM mobile application users are local communities and individuals that cooperate with the Municipality of Piraeus and are interested in urban security, crime prevention and risk management.

The aforementioned preparatory activities helped to achieve a successful implementation of the 1st sport event (in our case and due to the COVID situation an alternative cyber-physical game) in December 2021, where the alpha version of CURiM mobile app was simulated for the first time in a digital twin of the Piraeus Center in the Minecraft game.

Equally, the Piraeus team promoted the CURiM mobile app during the 2nd sport event activities with the aim to attract and engage a wide audience and different groups of users.

The 2nd sport event took place in the framework of the “Sea Days 2022” – one of the most popular and busiest festivals of Piraeus – and included 3 different events that were held in three different locations of the pilot area 2nd Municipal District of Piraeus.

The aim of these events was to mobilize and engage different target groups as potential users of the CURiM app and in the general dissemination of the BSFS practices.

May 29, 2022 | Treasure Hunt in Dilaveri Park

Dilaveri park was brightened by children’s smiles and cheers for the “Treasure Hunt”!

The European project BeSecure – FeelSecure (BSFS) transformed the “Dilaveri Park” into a treasure island for children and parents, in the context of the “Sea Days 2022” festival.

During the game the BSFS project presented the innovative pilot application “CURiM” and turned it into a game with the aim to raise awareness on issues related to urban safety and promote collective responsibility.

The CURiM app, among other things, provides the ability to find lost objects that are equiped a special BLE tag on. In the game, we used this feature to turn Dilaveri Park into a lost treasure island, where with the help of CURiM app the users searched for hidden objects / tags. In addition, the chat feature was used to give hints.

Hundreds of participants had fun in an adventure full of riddles, surprises, gifts and lots of dancing. Among the surprises was the favorite mascot of the “Sea Days”, Zack the Shark who was there to dance and get photographed with our little friends.

All participants received certificates for their attendance and giveaways, while five of the children who managed to find the required items were drawn 5 tablets as a prize!

After the game, there was a party with music and DJ and of course lots of playing in the playground of Dilaveri Park, which is the biggest of the 8 playgrounds that were reconstructed under the BSFS project investments.

The action was implemented with the support of Europe Direct Piraeus.

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June 3, 2022 | A feel secure cycling ride!

On the occasion of the World Bicycle Day and with the slogan “A Feel Secure ride in Piraeus”, the Municipality of Piraeus project team organized a symbolic cycling ride and urged the cyclists to become members of a large network about safety by using the CURiM app.

The Piraeus team informed the citizens and visitors of Piraeus about the CURiM app and demonstrated its features to the potential users at the BSFS information stand.

Wireless anti-theft devices (BLE tags) were attached to the cyclists’ bikes while sports bottles and reflectable backpacks were handed as giveaways for safe cycling rides!

The event took place in the framework of Sea Days events 2022.

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June 5, 2022 | Posidonia Running Event

Posidonia Running Event is one of the most successful races that takes place biennially in the city center of Piraeus and attracts over 1,800 (international maritime community, keen runners, etc.) participants from all over the world.

This event was a great opportunity for the European project BeSecure – FeelSecure (BSFS) to inform and raise awareness of local teams, citizens and visitors of Piraeus about the integrated actions of BSFS on urban security, that have been and are currently taking place in the city of Piraeus.

The BSFS project elaborated the event as part of its 2nd sport event activities and in collaboration with the Culture, Sports & Youth Organisation (OPAN Pireas) facilitated the organization of this annual street run.

Through a competition and the slogan “Download the CURiM app and scoot…”, the CURiM application – a tool that, among other things, promotes the development of a local safety network in the city – was presented with the aim to: a) get the app discovered, b) attract and engage users and c) increase downloads.

An open information day with the main objective the CURiM app demonstration was conducted two
days before the event at the participation spot of the Posidonia run and a BSFS information
stand was set during the race where sports bottles and BLE tags were handed to the participants.

After the end of the race, a draw followed between the runners who had completed their registration in the application. Three lucky runners won Mi Electric Scooters, which were awarded by the Head of Culture, Sports & Youth Organisation (OPAN Pireas) Mr. Iosif Vourakis.

The Mayor of Piraeus Mr. Yiannis Moralis and the Head of OPAN Piraias Mr. Iosif Vourakis visited the Municipality of Piraeus project team at the BSFs stand shortly before the awarding of prizes to the winners of the BSFS competition at the Posidonia Running Event.

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This series of events was also a favorable circumstance for the Piraeus team to organize a dedicated “UIA day” that included a UIA meeting, field visits at the spatial interventions and a UIA dinner.

On June 4, 2022, Piraeus hosted the 3rd joint meeting of the three Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) projects working on urban security where representatives of BSFS (Piraeus, Greece), Tonite (Turin, Italy) & SURE (Tampere, Finland) gave their updates and elaborated on the use of their ICT tools in the presence of UIA Permanent Secretariat.

The sharing experience of another UIA Cultural HIDRANT project of Chalandri & the input of the Europe Direct Piraeus nourished a constructive and fruitful dialogue.

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