Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) - Ενίσχυση της αστικής ασφάλειας στο Δήμο Πειραιά

How can digital tools make cities safer and enhance social cohesion?

The use of technologies has become increasingly common as a means of addressing security challenges such as incivilities, crowd management, or terrorist threats. Although the emphasis has long been placed on surveillance, a whole range of civic technologies and initiatives have emerged that facilitate the involvement of citizens in the co-production of urban security policy and to enhance social cohesion.

Such use of technology is illustrated by the BeSecure-FeelSecure (BSFS) project (2019- 2023), co-funded by the Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) and implemented in the City of Piraeus (GR). The project established a Collaborative Urban Risk Management (CURiM) application for citizens, where they can alert one another about urban security challenges  in their communities. Data collected by CURiM is then used by a platform for urban security stakeholders and specialists, like members of the Local Council for Crime Prevention, to plan evidence-based urban security interventions. 

We will also explore other European and international examples of digital tools that improve social cohesion and citizens’ feelings of security. 

This webconference will be the third one in a series of four to present BSFS experience with security assessments and governance, victim support, and the use of technological solutions in urban security.

In this session, we will ask:

  • How to foster participation to co-produce urban security policy through technology?
  • What is CURiM and how can citizens participate in its use?
  • How does the CURiM application aim to enhance social cohesion?
  • What other relevant peer initiatives week to enhance social cohesion and the feeling of security of citizens?
  • How can a gender lense be added to these ICT tools? 


  • Marios Zacharias

Technical Manager of BSFS , which elaborated the CURIM Application

  • Francesca Zanutto

Member of the EU co-funded ToNite project, that created Telling Stone, a storytelling and community engagement activity.

  • Kalpana Viswanath

Co-founder and CEO of Safetipin.

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