Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) - Enhancing community trust & well-being in Piraeus

University Of Piraeus

Project Technical Partner



The University of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC – is a non-profit organisation governed by an executive board formed exclusively by Faculty members of the University,appointed by the Senate as its Chairman. UPRC provides administration and technological support to basic and applied research carried out by Faculty members (over 200 members) of the University of Piraeus since 1983. Its main activities include: research strategy development and implementation for participation in major funding programmes; policy development in the area of research funding and participation; policy making and operational plan for collaborations with the local authorities, in particular, it serves as a security consultant and has strong bonds with Greek and foreign public and governmental authorities; collaboration with cutting edge technology organizations, industries & standarization bodies, by analysing international research trends, disseminating and utilising this information as appropriate to restructure its research strategy, it collaborates with relevant supply chain actors (e.g. companies) in the security and maritime sector and has acted as an expert in the European Network of Information Security Agency (ENISA); assisting in policy making strategies that simplify day to day research activities, eliminating conflicts; secretariat for various committees operating for Strategy Research Development; and organization of regular training and executive seminars with the objective of upgrading the education of university graduates and of those employed in both the public and private sectors of the Greek economy.

The participating group – Security Lab Research Group ( was founded on 2002 to support the research and educational activities of the Department of Informatics related with information and network security & privacy. On March 2015 it was officially established, and it is financially managed by the UPRC. The Security Research Lab consists of faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, PhD candidates and other research associates. The vision of the Lab is to reach academic excellence in the areas of cybersecurity, cyber defence and privacy and to advance the skills, knowledge, capabilities and values of our students. Our innovations result from our scientific research activities and relevant publications, our broad collaborations with national/EU/international public/private organizations and SMEs, our participation in numerous R&D cyber security EU projects, as well as in numerous national and international cyber security exercises. SRL aims to continuously produce research, innovation and academic excellence in various fields of cybersecurity and privacy.

Role in the project

The SecLab will be a leading research provider for the BSFS project, through the contribution of a range of research results for handling security-related threats and risks in WP5. These results include security management approaches developed in previous projects (e.g. MITIGATE), as well as a rich set of instruments and simulation tools. In this context, the SecLab will lead the specification of the Evidence-Driven Urban RIsk AssessMent (CURiM) Methodology and will be actively involved in the development and integration of the CURiM system and services. In WP6 & 7, SecLab will lead the pilot operations and the evaluation of the proposed system from different perspectives. Finally, in WP3, SecLab will contribute to the dissemination of the project results.

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