Be Secure - Feel Secure (BSFS) - Enhancing community trust & well-being in Piraeus

Panteion University Of Social & Political Sciences

Laboratory of Urban Criminology

Project Criminology Expert



Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences was founded in 1930 by the “Educational Renaissance” Association under the name of the Free School of Political Economics.

It is the fifth oldest Higher Education Institution in Greece and the first school of political science. Today, Panteion University has nine academic departments covering the full range of social and political sciences.

The Laboratory of Urban Criminology was established (2015) in the Criminology Section of the Department of Sociology of the School of Social Sciences of Panteion University and covers the educational and research needs in the field of Science more specifically the urban crime phenomena.

The Laboratory’s mission is the fulfillment of educational needs in the scientific field of urban criminology along with the implementation of research programs, the organization of scientific events, and the publication of research results.

Role in the project 

Panteion University is participating in the project via the Laboratory of Urban Criminology, whereas its director Prof. Christina Zarafonitou is also the project’s scientific responsible. Panteion has led the creation of the Local Council for Crime Prevention in Piraeus, which is responsible for the definition, preparation and execution of the Council’s urban security actions. The design of public awareness actions on crime prevention, as well as the description of the specifications of the one-stop-shop for victimization support have also been undertaken by Panteion.  Finally, the research, to be conducted by Panteion in the intervention areas, will intensively contribute to the overall evaluation of BSFS in terms of impact assessment of the actions performed, whereas the partner’s collaboration with EFUS will contribute to the definition of the project’s replicability potentials.

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