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The European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) is the only European network dedicated to fostering discussion, cooperation and support among local and regional authorities in the field of crime prevention and urban security. Founded in 1987, it brings together nearly 250 cities and regions from 15 countries.

Recognised for its expertise by national and European institutions, Efus is a network that represents the diversity of territories and promotes the exchange of experience between local authorities beyond political divisions, according to the principle of “cities help cities”.

What are our objectives?

  • To promote a balanced vision of urban security combining prevention, sanctions and social cohesion
  • To support local and regional authorities in the design, implementation and evaluation of their local security policy
  • To reinforce the role of local elected officials within national and European governance

What is our approach to urban security?

Efus promotes a holistic approach to urban security, which involves all local actors and citizens in the co-production of policies.

Efus affirms the central role of local elected representatives in this co-production approach  and their role as guarantors of democratic principles.

Efus considers security to be a fundamental right and therefore advocates the design of policies that guarantee the protection of human rights.

Efus chooses prevention as a rational and strategic method, which promotes social cohesion in the long term.

These principles underlie Efus’ activities and are expressed in the “Security, Democracy and Cities” manifestos

Role in the project 

Under the BSFS project Efus is mainly responsible for providing the project with a European vision, with some key specific examples from different cities in diverse European Member States with regards – for example – to the function and composition of Local Crime Prevention Councils (for instance in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain or Italy), or concerning relevant European projects that – due to their scope and results – are relevant for the BSFS project. These above-mentioned European projects are centered around the topic of technical innovations for enforcing urban security, citizens participation, multi-agency approach, victim support tools and method and community policing.

Furthermore, Efus equally plays a key role concerning the BSFS project’s good practices and lessons learned as a dissemination and transferability channel. Overall, Efus not only provides the project with EU-level practices and inspiration, but it also disseminates the project’s results to its more than 250 members, who can then tailor these results – the so-called lessons learned and good practices – to their respective urban contexts.

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