Challenge Addressed

Challenge addressed

The largest & busiest

Piraeus is the largest & busiest port in Greece, among the biggest European ports and the main hub connecting Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as among the most densely populated cities in Europe (15.065 citizens/km2).

The urban threat landscape

The urban threat landscape in Piraeus is mainly comprised by small scale crime (i.e. pickpockets, thieves), night crime activities, drug & cigarettes smuggling and immigrants’ trafficking. These events are hardly reported to the authorities due to the lack of transparency, cross-sectoral cooperation and exploitation of cyber-physical flaws.

Targeted Areas

The project targeted areas are characterized by an urban landscape with the following urban crime factors:

1. Low social cohesion

2. High population density

3. Sense of degradation

4. Fear of crime (citizens believe that urban insecurity is in the top 3 city problems according to a recent local poll).

5. Environmental degradation & urban design.

6. Weak collaboration among the critical information systems of the urban authority, the police and other key stakeholders is associated to the almost non-existent interoperability, entailing information losses and hampering timely reaction of the first responders.